What is Transcode Cloud?

Broadcast CDN provides a single seamlessly integrated live & on-demand television solution incorporating six key seemly integrated services, live broadcast encoding, CDN delivery, SSAI Ad-replacement technology, broadcast monitoring, audience reporting & ad decisioning (ADS) all incorporated into a single proven solution to deliver live & on-demand television to any OTT/CTV or App platform globally.

Deliver your live Connected TV or FAST channel to any platform globally with a single integrated services based solely on the number of hours your channel has been viewed without any connector fees or independant supplier management required.

Jamie Branson – CEO View TV Group

Connected Television formats should not be different, there are obvious efficiencies and benefits in FAST & Connected Television distribution, but the format that audiences have engaged with for years was not broken and did not need fixing.   BroadcastCDN supports the FAST2.0 standard to enforce the formats accepted by viewers & advertisers.

Connected TV & FAST distribution like existing cable and satellite services has to keep viewers engaged and provide continuity & confidence to the advertisers, and both appreciate professionally curated schedules.  The number of hours watched multiplied by advertiser revenues provides a sustainable business model for content acquisitions, creation & commissioning using our simple glass-to-glass technology.

Broadcast CDN enables existing broadcasters & content owners to distribute, transcode, deliver & monetise their channel & content via VOD or a SCTE enabled SRT or RIST live feed.   Our distribution team support you, mentor deals & get you delivered to all platforms FAST as well as delivering master feeds to other networks.

BroadcastCDN will add all channels to Kapang in USA & UK as appropriate within a few days with an 80/20 revenue share to get your channel earning in under a week.

Jamie Branson – CEO View TV Group

The Broadcast CDN team supports you as if you had hired a dedicated technical team to technically deliver & maximise revenues using proprietary AI tech, taking advantage of FAST2.0 standards. 

How does BroadcastCDN work?

We integrate your existing channel playout via SRT /RIST to provide your with a pick up appliance, providing unlimited scalability for a fixed fee of $0.04-$0.10 per hour  watched ($0.0025/gb CDN equivalent) and you keep 100% of revenues earned .

We champion FAST2.0 standard channels that look like traditional TV channels rather than the soulless auto scheduled playlists of early tech adopters that cut corners but offend viewers and advertisers as these succeed.

Big TV & CTV platforms want FAST2.0 channels because they understand broadcast- standard channels are watched by more people for longer that attract large brands, advertisers & sponsors who pay higher rates and we can help you benefit from both of these commercial benefits.

BroadcastCDN compatible Playout Vendors

BroadcastCDN Playout Suppliers

BroadcastCDN compatible distribution network

Why is Broadcast CDN perfect for you?


We take an SRT or RIST feed from an existing playout service or if you have onsite playout we can provide   an SDI appliance.  A playout which cannot deliver SRT or RIST will rarely look like “Real TV”,


We monitor, transcode, deliver & monetise your channel 247 to relieve you of technical integration,


FAST2.0 is proven to provide higher value ads, sponsorship and longer viewing times,


TV brands & CTV platforms demand more FAST2.0 standard channels,


Broadcast CDN provide you with constant feedback to support you & increase your earnings,


Your Channel gets a guaranteed prominent 80/20 Rev Share EPG on Kapang TV Platform in UK & USA*,


Your channel is connected and earning money & entertaining viewers within a few days,


We record your channel, report on the ad break detection and show you revenue instantly,


All channels are >5-8mbps 1920 x 1080 minimum broadcast specification with HLS VBR renditions,

How much does BroadcastCDN Cost?

BroadcastCDN Pricing

To download the full product pack please click hereBroadcastCDN-document