BroadcastCDN is very easily integrated, you send the SRT/RIST or MPEG/TS connection with SCTE markers within the feed and we do the rest.

Broadcast CDN includes the following services:

Broadcast Transcoding

We transcode your master feed to multibit rate HLS so it is availabl in different formats for different devices and internet connection feeds for seemless uninterupted viewingas well as adjusting video and audio profiles for compliance.

Server-side Ad Insertion – SSAI

We remove the ad breaks on all channels and deliver a new ad break based on the location and platform providing 100% fill in ads for great viewer user experience.

Addressable ad decisioning service

We trade adverts directly as addressable and mix with programmatic to provide a yielding ad break revenue for each ad-break presented.

Broadcast-grade CDN

We deliver all channels in 5 bit rates from 1920 x 1080 8Mbps down to mobile 1mbps 1024 x 576 rates.

Broadcast-grade compliance logging and monitoring

We record and monitor television channels with full DVR if required and inform you and your software provider of issues with the origin feed, ad break markers and monetisation results.

24/7/365 monitoring and pro-active reacting to all channels.

Our team watch and react to your channel 24/7/365 to make sure you are broadcasting and earning all of the time.